Dan Post Boots: The History of Cowboy Boots


Everyone has had at least one pair of cowboy boots. Maybe you wore yours while you rode the range on your favorite horse or while you rode your stick horse around the house. Cowboy boots are part of our American history. Today, we still proudly wear our boots for work and play.

Cowboy boots did not just happen. They evolved from functional, performance footwear designed to add to the safety of the cowboy while he worked. For over 150 years, we have been wearing cowboy boots of all materials, heights and designs.

In the late 1800's the tall topped, high-heeled boot provided protection for the cowboy against rain, mud, brush and critters, and added a layer of protection between the pants and the leg. The high under slung heel gave the cowboy added safety by keeping his heel from slipping through the stirrup. The high leather heel also gave better stability on the ground by "digging in," allowing for better footing.

The tall leather shaft protected the cowboy from the threats of the range: barbed wire, snakes, thorns and more. The boot shaft also absorbed the friction between the horse and the cowboy's leg. The multi-row stitching on the shaft gave it more shape and body, which helped to keep it up for protection. The cowboy faced challenges everyday and a well-made pair of cowboy boots were an important part of his equipment.


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